Family Yoga

When you picture someone doing yoga, you likely picture a group in a yoga studio, or a gym.

Many of us, however, do most of our practicing at home. This can come with a variety of challenges. I have two kids, therefore, two challenges. When I practice around my children, my practice is not the quiet, smooth, graceful practice I have in a studio. My downward dog is used as a tunnel by son as my daughter commands my attention to look at HER downward dog. 

Some people would ask me: why do you bother? Why don’t you pick a different time? I have a few answers:
                1)Honestly, I don’t want to get up a couple of hours early most days. A tired Yogi Chelsea is an unfocused Yogi Chelsea.
                 2)My kids interest/participation in yoga makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As a yoga teacher, I’m extremely passionate about what yoga can offer and seeing my children connect with it is rewarding beyond belief. 
                 3)They remind me not to take myself too serious. I mean really, you try not laughing as you “moo” into Cow and “meow” into Cat. I dare you.
                 4)They show me how much I’m really learning. Finding peace in a candle-lit yoga studio with soft music is pretty easy. Finding peace when a toddler sits on you in Cobra? THERE’S the challenge!

So while, yes, there are days I long for a tranquil yoga space at home, I continue to greet my challengers with the inclusive love and acceptance they show me every day.